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Please excuse the interruption, we are developing a new website and rental portal, allowing us to improve the rental finding and placement process. With the new website, renters will have an all-inclusive rental finding experience. The dedicated team at Your Next Place will assist renters at every step of the process including searching, applying for and moving into their ideal rental.


The role and importance of the landlord will not change but will become more enhanced through the all-encompassing Your Next Place Landlord Portal. This portal will provide an interactive renter finding process with qualified candidates along with real-time tracking tools and statistics. Landlords, contact us to learn more about working with Your Next Place.


Your Next Place is a placement and marketing company striving to reinvent the rental experience. We do not own or manage any of the rental properties we work with, rather we partner with landlords to simplify renter placement. Our commitment is to educating and providing clear communication.

Our goal at Your Next Place is to streamline the rental process to empower the renter, while at the same time, providing landlords with the tools to make informed decisions regarding their property. Every day we are working to raise the bar in rentals. We think that renting should be a rewarding experience for everyone involved. Expect more with Your Next Place.

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